10 great ways live chat supports personal retailing

Personal shopping is increasingly important for most peoplePersonal retailing is key to driving customer loyalty, with customers increasingly expecting "Access Anywhere" and "Availability Always", according to a new research report from Oracle.

The report shows an increasingly close relationship is emerging between digitally-empowered consumers and retailers and highlights the need for personal retailing. "[This] is forcing retailers to reevaluate technology investments and strategic initiatives to capture loyalty, drive spend and remain competitive," the report said.

Global research for "The New Retail Democracy: Prioritising the Provision of Commerce Anywhere", was commissioned by Oracle and carried out in December 2013 by UK-based Redshift Research and released last week.

Customers are demanding much better information all along the purchase journey and seeking out a personal retailing experience with better access to information, products and process, along with more individualised interactions with retailers as they take ownership of their retail experiences.

"This requires retailers to prioritise the provision of a commerce anywhere business model to be relevant and competitive in today’s complex global marketplace," Oracle said.

Personal retailing benefits from Live chat operators

This research has got the Yomdeliers all excited, as so many personal retailing requirements and "Access Anywhere" and "Availability Always" can be assisted by great operator-backed live chat services. Central to the issue is in ensuring the customer is given accurate information as questions arise and quickly. Here are some key findings and how live chat operator services can help.

  1.  58% of people said easy access and permanent availability were often more important than price. Retailers need to ensure customers are quickly and easily informed, and live chat can do this at the point in the customer journey when the issue arises.
  2. 30% of people said they were more likely to spend more with retailers that provide this information. Instant communications via live chat can give the customer the information, and help nurture a successful sale.
  3. 18% will go to a competitor if it provides that information more easily. If there is no information, you lose a sale and a customer.
  4. 52% say accurate information on product availability is key to a better shopping experience. Having a conversation on product availability via live chat means customers can have their expectations managed, and they can possibly be incentivised to wait if the products are not immediately available.
  5. 34% say being given alternative product suggestions are a great experience. What better way than to do that via a conversation with a live chat operator?
  6. 73% say it is important to have a personal retailing experience. Live chat builds relationships with customers and is a friendly way to help them find what they need.
  7. 21% say targeted promotions are important. In a live chat engagement operators are able to offer personal incentives.
  8. Only 9% want to share their personal details in order to receive personal retailing promotions. Through direct engagement live chat can remove this barrier. Once a customer reaches a point in the journey when they are sufficiently engaged they are much more willing to share their personal data.
  9. 53% say they still want to make purchases in store, but we know they will often do their research online. This is where the savvy online retailer with bricks and mortar stores will use live chat to offer discount codes or other incentives that can be used in store.
  10. 55% say they spend more when interacting with a sales assistant as they perceive they have access to more information. This is true in store and online via a good live chat experience.

We've inserted the helpful Oracle infographic, "Prioritising The Provision Of Commerce Anywhere". Are Retailers Providing The Shopping Experiences Consumers Want?"