Determining the cost of live chat services

What is the cost of live chat services?

"How much are your live chat services?"

Here at Yomdel, this is one of the most common questions we are asked.  More and more online businesses are considering live chat as a conversion and customer service channel, but they are worried about how much they will have to pay for live chat operators.

While everything does have a price, we like to encourage prospective clients for our live chat services where we provide the live chat operators, software and execution expertise to take a different view. A perfectly executed turnkey live chat solution is not about the cost, but about the value and about the benefit. How much extra revenue will it generate?

No-one would expect something that added to your ecommerce business bottom line to be viewed as a cost. Yomdel live chat services should be seen as something that delivers a return on investment, and when you start measuring things from an ROI perspective you should no longer think of them as a cost.

Great Live Chat Services Need Great Live Chat Operators

So, what do we say when someone asks: "How much do Yomdel live chat services cost?"

The truth is the Yomdel's operator-backed live chat can cost very little, or it can cost a lot. If you have a relatively small online business with modest volumes of unique visitors you could have Yomdel live chat services working on your site 24/7 for just a few hundred pounds a month. Similarly, if you are a larger business but you want to specifically target a carefully defined small segment of visitors, it could also be a minor cost.

Of course, we also offer full enterprise solutions and have centres with dozens of live chat operators that work on large accounts. After all, the live chat agents must be available when the customer needs them, and if a business receives hundreds of thousands of unique visitors there needs to be a large number of live chat agents to serve them.

Start Small and then Scale Up the Live Chat Services

But whatever the client business, our preferred approach is to start a small pilot offering live chat, refine the operation so it is carefully and successfully targeted and delivering tangible results and then scale up. So we may look at key abandonment points in the checkout process, or chatting with people when they visit the FAQ page.

Our live chat operators will do everything to answer questions, and then escort that customer through to a purchase. Once the conversion rates start to soar (which they will) and once the extra Yomdel live chat generated revenue starts to flow, it becomes an absolute no-brainer to expand the live chat services.

And of course, once you have reached that point, the answer to the question: "How much does Yomdel cost?" actually becomes: "Nothing". The service is effectively generating extra revenue that you would never have had. You will be converting record numbers of customers, your average order value will have increased, and your CSAT scores will be at an all time high.

In essence, live chat services are about as close to free money as you can get.