Key ecommerce trends in Asia - Infographic

Online shopping is booming, but what of ecommerce trends across Asia? It is estimated that 42% of the world's internet users live in Asia, and the region is leading the way in terms of ecommerce via mobile devices. Dubai-based web agency Go-Globe has taken a deep dive into emerging ecommerce trends in Asia and come up with the following fantastic infographic.

Six out of every 10 ecommerce sales in Asia take place in China

Here's a few more tasters to set your minds racing:

  • Consumer ecommerce sales in Asia in 2014 are predicted to to reach $525 billion, up from $384 billion last year
  • China leads the way, with an expected $275 billion in ecommerce sales this year, against second placed Japan with $127 billion
  • Even Indonesia has a significant ecommerce volume, with $2.6 billion in sales expected this year
  • Mobile plays an important role in online shopping in Asia




E-commerce in Asia  - Statistics and Trends

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