The last few live chat myths dispelled - or so we hope!

A few final myths about the impact that live chat can have on your business. 

If you have any questions about live chat, and how it might work for you, just give us a call, we always look forward to a chat!

Live chat stops people picking up the phone and calling me

118623393_80_80.jpgNo, absolutely not. Some people still stand by the adage from that old BT advert: ‘It’s good to talk’, and they will always prefer to chat to you. But many others will value the flexibility live chat provides. Live chat will not fully replace the service you provide to your customers over the phone… but it will enhance it, and how! You can increase the numbers of enquiries you take – without impacting on the work-loads of your current staff. All they need to do is follow up on the leads generated. Research has shown that up to 50% of people browse the internet in the evenings and at weekends, which, traditionally, are times when your office is less likely to be open.

A live chat agent can answer a wide selection of questions and make your web visitors have a good initial experience of your company. Again, on Monday morning, all you and your staff need to do is to follow up the leads from the details sent to you by our agents over the weekend. All you need to do then is to pick up the phone to the web visitor, and convert them into your customer. Simples!

Live chat is complicated to set up and install

picture_php_pictureid_61747_c41f21c80ada879da02c7d8b589c00a67e643ac0Nope. Absolutely not. Well, not if you use Yomdel Live Lead. We prepare an in-depth Knowledge Bank for your company, based on the information on your website and our sector knowledge. We send you this to check, notify us of any amendments, and then sign off. Our operators will then learn the information on this Knowledge Bank and, once trained, they will meet, greet and engage with your website visitors capturing the critical data you need whilst creating a great customer experience. They will process this data into a lead transcript, allowing your team to continue the sales process with all the information they need to hand.

How do I get the data gathered by the live chat operators?


In general, we gather information that will make up leads for you to then follow up. Leads typically include name and contact details, plus some basic contextual information and requirements. The leads are passed over to you within 15-30 minutes of a chat taking place, and the person will be expecting a call, meaning that by the time your sales person picks up the phone the relationship with the prospect is already warm. Over to you!

If you have any questions about live chat, and how it might work for you, just give us a call at 01403 616000.