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10 reasons to use live chat in your business.

Posted by Yomdelier - 14 October, 2012

Live chat boosts online sales Live chat boosts online sales

You have a great website and you have visitors who come to that website to spend their money on your products and services. So why do you need live chat?

Well, there are lots of good reasons to use live chat in your business. The most obvious being because most customers not just want it – they expect it. This theme runs through nearly all of our top ten reasons for using live chat in your business listed below. Live chat:

1. Increases responsiveness

Who doesn’t want a fast response? Recent research tells us that more than 50% of digital consumers expect an immediate response to enquiries that they make online. This figure will grow.

2. Interacts in real time

The web is social and with the boom in social media people are used to, and like, interacting with others online.

3. Gets more sales

Live chat helps people buy the right products and then maximises the basket spend by up- and cross-selling. Result – a satisfying experience for both the shopper and the retailer.

4. Can be targeted

It is possible to carefully target the areas that are most important to you. It could be the shopping basket, a form that needs completing or someone who searches for the website FAQs. Live chat can help with your campaigns through carefully targeted engagements aligned to your promotions.

5. It’s a multi-channel tool

You can engage directly with visitors to your Facebook, Pinterest or other social media pages. Live chat can even stand guard over your online adverts and accompany your potential customers on their journey from an ad all the way through to check out on your website.

6. Reduces basket abandonment

With live chat you can see spectacular increases in online sales as you retain those customers who would have abandoned your website due to unanswered questions or the unavailability on real-time human help.

7. Gives you intelligence

Live chat can provide you with critical data and analytics that will enable you to not only capture customer information such as names, email addresses and other demographics but also provide you with full transcripts of every chat session. That way you will learn what questions your visitors are asking, intelligence you can use to continually improve the customer experience and develop new ideas for products and services.

8. Reduces customer care costs

You’ll be able to establish cutting edge customer care services at a much lower cost when compared to doing it using telephone operators.

9. Repeat visits

Because live chat lets you engage in real-time with your visitors it helps you create happy and satisfied customers that spend more and are more likely to return to your website and spend again.

10. Gives customers what they want

Yes, it’s that theme and it deserves its own point. People want their online transactions backed up with live customer support, just as they would have in a brick and mortar store. Right now 50% of digital consumers expect an immediate response to enquiries that they make online. This number will increase. Quite simply, live sales and live support chat services are no longer the novelty they once were, they have matured into serious sales and support tools.

These days, if you’re not using live chat for your online store you're missing out on valuable sales opportunities.

At Yomdel we’re really excited about live chat and what it will do to the ecommerce environment. If you know of any other reasons why you should use live chat in your business leave a comment.

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