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Why live chat matters, and what to look out

WHY LIVE CHAT MATTERS,  AND WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR You spend hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on marketing campaigns to drive people to your...

Some businesses ‘get' Customer Experience

Customer Experience – why do only the best ‘get it’ ? Queues. Attitude. Unreturned calls. We’ve all been there. It’s astonishing how often it still...

Free food...! Why??

The Restaurant Manager wanted to give us free meals even though the service was excellent and food was great.

Customer service isn't all serious: Some of our funniest (read "weirdest") chats

Recent innovations in technology have allowed businesses to connect with their customers wherever they are in the world, at any time of day. Live...

Yomdel is growing rapidly, and I love this journey

Yomdel is on an amazing journey, and in four years we have consistently doubled our revenue year-on-year and grown to become the leading provider of...
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