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We've just announced a property industry gamechanger at the Guild Conference 2019!.

Posted by Yomdelier - 17 January, 2019

We've taken our next step in shaking up the traditional estate agency sector by offering The Guild of Property Professionals member agents our award-winning live chat service free of charge. 

How we buy and sell property has changed rapidly in a few short years and now more than half of website visits to UK estate agents happen outside of their normal business hours. 

While staying open later requires greater staff numbers, longer shifts and a considerable uplift in operating costs, we already offers a cost-effective solution to over 2,500 UK estate agents via iour 24/7 live chat managed by real people.

This innovative partnership is an industry first with the aim of providing members with a strong competitive advantage in their local area, allowing them to capture leads around the clock while boosting Guild referral activity and promoting Guild members to UK home sellers – all with no setup or service fees.

By implementing our chat service, estate agents can increase website leads by 50%, while at the same time capturing leads that would have otherwise never made contact. Not only will this increase lead quality, but it builds trust and rapport with potential buyers and sellers and on average our member agents achieve a 95% customer satisfaction score.

What's more, we will only be rewarded once a Guild member agent completes on a sale for a lead captured by our chat service. It’s easy to track and manage as all leads automatically feed into The Guild Referral System and once over the line, member agents will receive 70% of the sales commission with The Guild receiving 5% and Yomdel the remaining 25%.

All buyer and other applicant leads are 100% free and we will also handle all customer messages free of charge.

The scheme is initially only open to the first fifty applications and those interested can get in touch via any of the below channels.

Visit www.yomdel.com/guild

Tweet “#YomdelGuildPlus” to @yomdel

Email guild@yomdel.com

Here's what our CEO Andy Soloman had to say on this industry first!

“The emergence of e-commerce has changed the way we shop for everything from groceries to cars and of course, how we sell our homes. While this greater value and convenience has become key for the consumer, the nation’s bricks and mortar businesses have struggled to pivot with the rapid evolution of this behaviour. 

With the current political climate resulting in much tougher conditions for the estate agency sector, in particular, it is now more vital than ever to provide an affordable, accessible leg-up to estate agents across the UK, with no cash flow barrier or upfront investment.

Our partnership with the Guild aims to provide this service to members across the UK so that they can remain competitive, evolve in a sustainable manner but while maintaining their traditional core beliefs.”

Iain McKenzie, CEO at The Guild of Property Professionals also commented..

“The Guild of Property Professionals has been supporting independent agents for over 25 years and during that time we’ve had to move with the changing face of the property market, embracing new technology while maintaining our fundamental values and enabling our members to maintain their competitive edge within their local market.

By pioneering this initiative we’re not only providing a helping hand to our current members in what are tough times economically, but we are offering them the foundations to adapt, advance and exceed in the evolving landscape of the UK property market.”